Best Entertainers: Comedians, Dancers, MCs

Finding the best entertainers for your event can be difficult considering that it’s not everyday you need to hire performers and entertainers. It’s not always easy knowing where to look to find the right ones to cater to your needs.

DJSA can help you find the top entertainers for your party or event.

Do you need:

  • A master of ceremonies for your wedding?
  • A dancer to add some energy to your event?
  • Top South African stand up comedians?
  • Corporate function entertainers?
  • Musicians for ambiance?

DJSA has the contacts to help you find exactly the entertainers you need to make your event a memorable success.

Not Sure What You Need? We’ll Help You Find The Best Entertainers for your event.

It’s not an easy task deciding on an entertainer, or even the kind of entertainer you might need for your event. Most people, after all, will only need to find entertainers for one or two events or parties in their entire lives.

This means few people have the experience necessary to make an adequately educated choice.

DJSA can help you choose the right entertainers, taking into account your budget, guest demographics, function size, event type, location and various other details.

Some recent testimonials from clients include this one from Liezl Rees (GIBS)

Thank you very much! The delegates loved the music and we battled to get them off the dance floor and onto the buses at the end of the night, they were having such a good time! Thank you for organizing Rhythmic Soundz, I will be in contact with you for the next event that we need a DJ! Thanks!
Liezl Rees
Gordon Institute of Business Science

And this one from Bronwen du Plessis

Shaun (Sound Sensation) was perfect he played for the crowd and kept everyone on the dance floor and happy J we really loved the service , he was very professional and we would definitely use him again if we needed to .
Warm regards
Bronwen du Plessis

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