DJs For Any Occasion

DJs for any occasion including weddings, birthdays, company functions, product lunches, fashion shows, etc.

Whether keeping a party pumping and bodies moving, or just providing the right atmosphere for any event, DJs are an absolute necessity for any large gathering of people wanting to have a good time. At DJSA our DJs fall into two main categories:

  • Club DJs
  • Mobile DJs (Mobile Discos)

Club DJs

Having a skilled club DJ leading your party and keeping the vibe energetically moving with upbeat mixes is almost like having an entire live rock band compressed into one man and his hi-tech equipment.

Club DJs guide the party, using their technical skills to keep everyone on their feet and moving to the addictive beat.

From top names like Ricardo Da Costa to DJ SPHectacula , DJSA makes inquiries and bookings on your behalf with the top club DJs across South Africa.

Mobile DJs

Ofter underestimated in the industry, some DJSA mobile DJs have over 20 years of experience! They have the ability to make events unforgettable.  Some of our top DJs received the following testimonials for our clients:

  • Thank you Ryan (After Dark) for being such an accommodating DJ. There were people dancing at all times and you managed to please every single one of them. We absolutely adored you and Clive and cannot wait for the next function to book you again.
    Sandra Metcalf
  • Roger Goode was fabulous and went out of his way to interact with the audience and make the experience great all round. Many thanks
    Nikki Benfield
  • Thabang (Reve DJ) was absolutely brilliant. He was the life of the party and played the most appropriate music for my target audience. Thank you the event was very successful and the staff members had a fantastic time.
    Nicole Waner

 Finding DJs for any occasion has never been easier.

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