About DeeHypeMan

– Born Naledi Matshaba, DEEHYPEMAN I am a hip-hop DJ of incredible skill. I am household name and a common feature on the North-West entertainment scene.
– As a hip-hop head and fanatic my specialty is hip-hop in its various sub-genres, from old-school, boom-bap, trap-music, dub-step, etc.
– My music selection and mixing caters for a kaleidoscope of audiences. I’m known to hype it up by taking great tunes from all type of hip hop music across a variety of genres, making me popular with music lovers and party animals everywhere.
– I have extensive knowledge in computers and gadgets (cdj’s). This, in conjunction with my skills, gives me an extra edge when it comes to mixing music seamlessly.
– My ultimate dream is to play live in front of a global audiences.